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Terms and Condition

1. Contract and Responsibility
These Terms and Conditions form a part of a binding contract between a client who orders goods from web page (hereinafter “Client”) and Anrema OÜ, reg. No 11952519, Estonia pst. 7, Tallinn 10143, Estonia (hereinafter “myDrink”). By using web page Client agrees to Terms and Conditions. 
Offers made by myDrink and descriptions of goods on web page do not constitute a contract and are not regulated by Terms and Conditions. Pictures of goods are for illustrative purposes only.
Responsibility of myDrink'i in connection to an order, including late delivery, damaged goods, non-delivery, etc. is limited to the total value of the order. If Client ordered goods for business purposes and Client’s potential loss or liability in case of damaged goods or non-delivery is greater than the total value of the order then Client is obliged to notify myDrink about this before placing the order. Client should consider taking out an insurance policy at their own expense. This does not concern Client‘s rights according to the applicable laws.

2. Delivery of Goods
All goods that Client orders will be delivered to an address that Client indicates when placing an order, using the delivery means that Client chooses. Goods are usually packed in the boxes of 6 (left over space will be filled with filling material). Delivery price is per “postal package” that consists of maximum 3 boxes, each containing maximum of 6 bottles. If Client has ordered more, then additional delivery price for additional “postal packages” will be applied. Total delivery price is then calculated as the number of “postal packages” times the price of delivery per “postal package”. Delivery price will be calculated automatically and will be shown on the order and the invoice.
myDrink will not be responsible for delivery of the orders where the delivery address is wrong. In the cases when non-delivery occurs because of the wrong address, myDrink reserves the right to keep the full payment amount for the order to cover the delivery cost and other expanses.
Upon placing an order Client will receive an email confirming placement of the order and indicating the number of the order, number of the invoice, invoice recipient, Client details, means of delivery, goods that have been ordered with prices, delivery price, etc. This confirmation of the order is to notify that myDrink has received Client’s order and is obliged to deliver the goods ordered. Delivery date is indicative and is not part of the contract between myDrink and Client. myDrink reserves the right to refuse any order without explanation. 

3. Price Information
All prices are inclusive of V.A.T. Delivery price is indicated separately. myDrink is not responsible for any other taxes or customs that may be applicable to the Client and the Client bears all responsibility for those. myDrink reserves the right to change the price list without any prior notice. This does not apply to placed and confirmed orders. Client pre-pays in full for the placed order (including delivery fees) using a bank link payment or a credit card.
myDrink reserves the right to ask information from the Client’s bank or credit card company. 

4. Right to Cancel the Order
In case Client received ordered goods in damaged condition and that could not be seen before opening the package and that did not occur because Client opened the package in a wrong way, or in case the goods are different from what was ordered, please contact us immediately at
it is not possible to exchange the ordered goods with some other goods. 

5. Safety and Confidentiality
myDrink uses all appropriate means to avoid any breach of security and confidentiality. This includes keeping Client’s credit card information safe from 3rd parties. myDrink takes all necessary precautions to ensure that all its employees and partners keep and use confidential information according to applicable regulations. Client is solely responsible for keeping their usernames and passwords safe and confidential. Client is responsible for all actions made on using their usernames and passwords and those actions are assumed to have been made by the Client.

6. Availability of Goods
myDrink reserves the right to change the availability and nomenclature of goods at its web shop at any time without prior notice.

7. Age
By ordering the Client confirms that he/she is at least 18 years old and that he/she is the legal owner of the bank account or the credit card being used for payment for the order. Client’s age will be checked when the goods are delivered. myDrink is not responsible for delivery if the recipient is not able to prove his/her age being at least 18 years at the delivery date. In such case myDrink will keep all payment for the order (including the delivery fees).


8. Other Terms

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions gives any 3
rd party any rights. These Terms and Conditions are part of the contract between myDrink and Client and replace all prior oral or written agreements or notifications. myDrink reserves a right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice (this does not apply to placed orders). Terms and Conditions are subject to legislation of Estonia. Client is obliged to read, understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions before ordering. If you have any questions please contact us at