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Hine Family Reserve Grande Champagne Cognac 42% 70CL

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Hind: 469,20 €
Liitri hind: 670,29 € /L


Liik: Kange alkohol, Konjak
Kastis: 6
Maht: 70CL
Alkoholisisaldus: 40%
Päritolumaa: Prantsusmaa
Piirkond: Grande Champagne
Vintage 2005

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Family Reserve is a special cognac and a showpiece for HINE's bespoke cognacs. It was created by François HINE in 1936 following a specific request from a customer in New York.

Family Reserve is a high quality blend of very old Grande Champagne cognacs from the HINE family's private reserves. These cognacs have been aged for fifty years, or even longer, having spent many years in the family's historic cellars on the banks of the River Charente.

It is proudly and sparingly released in a strictly limited number of bottles each year to be enjoyed by connoisseurs of truly exceptional cognacs.

First impression: slightly woody and fruity, notably with hints of plum

Sensory journey: the nose reveals nobility, distinction, integrity and strength of character. Finesse, elegance, subtle floral and sylvan perfumes with hints of juniper berries, spices, and a delectable “rancio” give this cognac an especially rich, aromatic bouquet. The mellowness, plenitude and long finish are remarkable; the smallest sip lingers memorably on the palate, dilating the taste buds with pleasure.

Blend: 50 eaux-de-vie of all 50 years old or more coming from the Grande Champagne region.

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