Hine MARIAGE Grande Champagne Cognac 40% 70CL

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Hind: 2 238,00 €
Liitri hind: 3 197,14 € /L


Liik: Kange alkohol, Konjak
Kastis: 6
Maht: 70CL
Alkoholisisaldus: 40%
Päritolumaa: Prantsusmaa
Piirkond: Grande Champagne

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In 1991, to honor the marriage of his illustrious ancestor and Françoise Elisabeth, Bernard HINE created this unique Grande Champagne cognac. He designed an elegant decanter with Baccarat, one of the world's most prestigious makers of fine crystal to dress this special cognac. He called his creation MARIAGE de Thomas HINE. The HINE Mariage cognac is a unique blend of 12 different Grande Champagne cognacs from the years 1921 to 1959. With its finesse and aromatic richness, this exceptional cognac is an introduction to the world of perfection.
Mariage comes in a crystal decanter from Baccarat, presented in a wooden, hand crafted case - which can also be used as a cigar humidor: About 75 cigars fit in. Each case includes a humidifier and a hydrometer.

On the nose, from the complexity of aromas, notes of hazelnut and walnut stand out, showing the maturity of the cognac. These are combined with floral notes, particularly of jasmine. On the palate, notes of oak and vanilla give great structure to the cognac, but do not mask its softness and persistency.

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